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Affiliate Network

The leadership team at Security Advisors Consulting Group has over fifty years of cumulative experience in the Security and Law Enforcement fields, but due to the situational nature of security we occasionally find it beneficial to our clients for us to consult with experts who have experience working in specific geographic locations, specialized industries, or mitigating specific risks where we have limited experience. 

In order to ensure the best possible service for our clients we maintain a stable of vetted individual practitioners and other firms, who we can involve in projects or refer clients to when a situation is outside of our areas of expertise. 

Current affiliates include:

  • Licensed private investigators

  • Cyber & information security consultants

  • Executive protection firms

  • Fraud and white collar crime specialists

  • Consultants with experience in industries requiring specialized knowledge where we lack expertise.

  • Consultants with experience in global locations where we lack expertise or we may not be licensed.


Affiliations with professional organizations

Our consultants maintain active membership in and/or certification from a number of industry specific professional organizations.  This provides us access to the most recent and cutting edge research and trend in the security industry and allows us to develop partnerships with those organization's other members when necessary.

Organizations that our consultants maintain active membership in:

International Association of Professional Security Consultants

The International Association of Professional Security Consultants, Inc. is the most widely respected and recognized security consultant association in the industry. Its rigid membership requirements allow potential clients to select from a unique group of professional, ethical and competent security consultants. IAPSC members are not affiliated with any product or service they may recommend.

The primary purpose of the IAPSC is to establish and maintain the highest industry standards for professionalism and ethical conduct. 

ASIS International 

Founded in 1955, ASIS International is a global community of security practitioners, each of whom has a role in the protection of assets - people, property, and/or information. Its members represent virtually every industry in the public and private sectors, and organizations of all sizes. From entry-level managers to CSOs to CEOs, from security veterans to consultants and those transitioning from law enforcement or the military, the ASIS community is global and diverse. Both Bob Nordby and Drew Neckar hold their Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certifications from ASIS International. Drew Neckar has been heavily involved in volunteer leadership with ASIS International serving as the Vice Chairperson for both its Healthcare Security and School Safety & Security Steering Committees, and contributing to several of the ANSI Standards that it has published. 

International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety

The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) is the only organization solely dedicated to professionals involved in managing and directing security and safety programs in healthcare facilities. IAHSS is a professional association with more than 2,000 members who are healthcare security, law enforcement, safety and emergency management leaders.  For over fifty years, IAHSS has educated and served members and the profession by offering exclusive resources and benefits including industry and design guidelines, local and international educational and networking opportunities, and the celebrated bi-annual Journal of Healthcare Protection Management.  Drew Neckar has served as the Vice Chair of IAHSS' Upper Midwest Chapter, contributed a chapter on Security Risk to its' Basic Training Manual for the Healthcare Security Officer, and holds its' Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator (CHPA) certification. 

International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators

The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) is the largest professional association devoted to excellence in campus public safety and law enforcement. Its members are police chiefs, public safety directors, law enforcement officers, and security personnel at higher education institutions across the globe. 

American Society of Safety Professionals

The American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) supports occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals in their efforts to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities. They also provide education, advocacy, standards development and a professional community to our members in order to advance their careers and the OSH profession as a whole. Drew Neckar received his Certified in Safety Management (CSM) certification from ASSP. 

Association of Threat Assessment Professionals

The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) was founded in 1992 as a non-profit organization comprised of law enforcement, prosecutors, mental health professionals, corporate security experts, probation and parole personnel and others involved in the area of threat and violence risk assessment. The purpose of ATAP is to afford its members a professional and educational environment to exchange ideas and strategies to address such issues as stalking, threats, and homeland security. The primary focus of this organization is to provide the necessary knowledge, tools, and support to better prepare our membership to handle these types of situations.

National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators

The National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators was formed to educate and connect people, ideas, and training in order to advance the fight against pharmaceutical drug abuse and misuse. Membership includes representation from law enforcement, healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies.  Drew Neckar received his training and certification as a Drug Diversion Investigator at the Drug Diversion Academy hosted by NADDI and the Virginia State Police. 

American Crime Prevention Institute

The American Crime Prevention Institute (ACPI) is a private crime prevention training organization formed in 1998.  Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, ACPI is one of the preeminent crime prevention and training resource organizations in the United States. The founders of ACPI have been providing crime prevention training for representatives of law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and other countries for almost 50 years. Drew Neckar holds ACPI's Certified CPTED Specialist designation.

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