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Security Sourcing & Procurement

Logo security staffing and security procurement services offered by security advisors consulting group

While providing services to our security consulting clients we identified that many businesses are struggling to identify and procure quality security vendors. At Security Advisors Consulting Group our wide network of contacts within the Security industry combined with our experience procuring security services as security executives make us uniquely qualified to assist in this endeavor.  

To leverage our talents in this arena and further our goal of becoming your trusted security advisor, we have created our Strategic Security Sourcing Solutions business line. Through our network of affiliatesother industry contacts, and firms that we have experience dealing with we can help your company identify and procure services from well vetted firms providing:

  • Security Officer or Security Guard staffing​​

    For many companies it makes sense to have a third party provide uniformed Officer Officers to patrol and respond to incidents on their property instead of hiring their only employees to fill these roles.  Over the last several years consolidation in the contracted security staffing market has left only three firms providing nearly ninety percent of the contracted security staff in the US. While these firms can often provide the service our clients seeks, there are times when their one size fits all approach may not work for the specific needs of our clients. In these cases there are a multitude of smaller regional or local security staffing firms who may meet their needs. 

    The level of service from these regional or local firms varies from barely meeting basic licensing requirements to service and quality of staff that goes well beyond the norms industry. Security Advisors Consulting Group will assist you in locating and contracting with a quality provider, or for multi-location clients potentially a network of quality providers, vetted for you using our proprietary assessment methodology based off of industry standards and best practices. 

    When geographic circumstances necessitate the use of multiple security staffing providers the challenges of managing disparate reporting, management, and billing tools for each company can place a major burden on companies' internal security teams and can lead to less than ideal service. The team at Security Advisors Consulting group can provide software tools that will allow for consolidation of some of these functions providing a seamless interface for internal teams to view security activity and reporting across all of your company's locations. This can be combined with our security management support services to provide a holistic solution to manage your company's security staffing needs.

  • Security systems design, installation, and service

    As with security officer staffing, the market for providers to design, install, and service your company's physical security systems (alarms, cameras, electronic access control, etc.) has been consolidated to a level where there are only a couple of firms that are capable of providing service anywhere in the US, let alone internationally. Our experience is that many of our clients have not been happy with the level of service provided by these large security systems firms and would prefer to contract with smaller regional or local firms that can provide a more personalized level of service. 

    We can assist in identifying, vetting, and contracting with these smaller firms to help you build a network of local contractors who will provide a superior level of service across all of your locations, and when combined with our security management support services offerings can ensure a stress free security systems management experience. 

  • Private investigations

    Private investigations firms are licensed at the state level, leaving few that can service clients across locations in multiple jurisdictions. There are also very few aspects of the security industry that are as rife with firms with questionable qualifications. The team at Security Advisors Consulting Group maintains relationships with Associations working toward professionalizing the private investigations sector and can assist your company in locating and managing reputable private investigations firms capable of conducting the most complex internal investigations. 

  • Executive protection 

    While all aspects of an organization's security program are situational, the protection of its executives and traveling employees depends the most on knowledge of threats specific to the geographic location. There is a proliferation of firms and individuals advertising themselves as "bodyguards" who promise to keep your employees safe when traveling, but many of these are under qualified "adrenaline junkies" who simply want the reputation as an "operator" rather than a qualified professional executive protection provider. With our international network of contacts Security Advisors Consulting Group can assisting in vetting and contracting with a qualified provider who will ensure the safety of your employees when in risky environments. 

The team at Security Advisors Consulting Group can provide differing levels of involvement in the procurement process dependent upon the needs of the client, and will serve to ensure that any procurement decisions that are made are made in the best interest of your company.


We understand the importance of identifying partners that you can trust to provide the security that your company relies on. 


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