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Churches & Religious Institutions

Nearly seventy percent of Americans attend religious services at least occasionally, making houses of worship some of the most visited locations in the country.  These religious institutions face the challenge of providing a welcoming and accepting environment that still ensures the safety of their congregants. In recent years crime targeting and attacks on religious institutions have increased, necessitating that all houses or worship, whether they be a church, synagogue, mosque, or something else, have plans in place to assess and mitigate the risks presented by the potential for crime on their premises.

The team at Security Advisors Consulting group is equipped to assist the religious community in developing solutions to address:

  • Active shooter and active threat scenarios

  • Robbery and violent crime on their property

  • Hate motivated attacks

  • Theft and burglaries

  • Internal controls to prevent embezzlement

  • Security of children in daycares, church schools, and summer school programs

  • Civil unrest in their communities

  • Safety of outreach workers

  • and many others others...

Some of our service offerings that are commonly requested by our lodging industry clients include:

A flyer describing additional information regarding the services we provide to religious institutions can be found here:

We also regularly publish content related to security, crime prevention, and workplace violence prevention for that can be useful in developing the security program for your establishment and are available on the Resources page of our website.

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