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Security Program Reviews

We recognize that a one size fits all approach to security is not effective or cost efficient, our program reviews attempt to identify solutions to mitigate real risks that your organization is facing and provide real world solutions and implementation options.


Aligning mitigation measures to your individual risks ensures the most effective use of your security resources.

Our comprehensive Program Reviews include:

  • Review of local crime data

  • Review of past incidents occurring on site

  • Identification of assets to be protected

  • Identification of compliance requirements & applicable standards 

  • Focused interviews of staff

  • Policy, procedure, and processes review

  • Security staffing assessment

  • Review of existing training program

  • Security systems effectiveness review

  • Assessment of construction standards

  • Extensive facility tours for validation

  • Security vendors assessment

  • Gap analysis and recommendations tailored to your organization

Program Review Methodology

    The first step is a thorough analysis of your organization’s assets and the security risks that are likely to impact them.


    A series of focused interviews, document reviews, and site tours help us establish a full understanding of your existing security program.


    Through in depth analysis and conversations with your stakeholders we determine which threats are not being effectively addressed through your current mitigation measures and utilize our proprietary ORSM(s) methodology provide actionable recommendations for adjustments that you can make to your program so that it better addresses your individual risk profile and meets the needs of your organization.

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