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Casinos & Gaming

Casinos and other gambling establishments present a unique security environment. The presence of large amounts of cash, sometimes intoxicated patrons, potential for patron aggression due to losses, highly regulated environment, and potential for fraud combing to present significant levels of risk that must be mitigated.

The leadership team at Security Advisors Consulting group is experienced in providing security consulting services to the gaming industry and we are here to assist casinos and resorts with developing plans to mitigate risks related to:

  • Use of force by security personnel

  • Parking lot security

  • Crime prevention

  • Employee theft

  • Gangs and drug activity

  • Aggression between guests

  • Guest safety

  • Special events

  • and others...

Some of our service offerings that are commonly requested by our lodging industry clients include:

We regularly publish content related to security, crime prevention, and workplace violence prevention for that can be useful in developing the security program for your establishment and are available on the Resources page of our website.

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