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Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

The key to any successful security program is tied to an effective risk and vulnerability assessment. While a risk & vulnerability assessment is the cornerstone of our more involved security program review process, it can also be conducted  on a stand-alone basis when an organization is concerned about the threat posed to one, or several, specific assets or from the potential of a certain type of incident.


At Security Advisors Consulting Group our team has more than fifty years of experience evaluating vulnerabilities to organizations and the level of security risk exposure from them.

When we perform a risk & vulnerability assessment, we work with the organization to identify the which assets they are interested in understanding the threats to.


Through review of data from multiple sources we will conduct an in depth analysis of what realistic threats exists to those assets, identify gaps in the protective measures which make the assets are vulnerable to those threats, the probability of one of the existing threats effecting the asset, and the impact to your business if the identified assets were lost or damaged. We will then recommend specific solutions that the organization can implement in order to mitigate the identified risk.

The Risk Assessment Cycle

Our risk and vulnerability assessments are rooted in the Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) Framework.​ Within an ESRM framework we assist organizations to quantify the risks faced by their assets, and in doing so identify appropriately scaled mitigation measures that will reduce those risks to an acceptable level.  


    The first step in risk assessment is identifying organizational assets that may be susceptible to security threats. Assets can include not only an organization’s material but also its people, data, and reputation.



    A data review process is undertaken to identify risks that pose a realistic threat to the identified asset or assets.



    Current protective measures are analyzed to determine if they adequately protect the identified assets from the identified risks.



    The potential for an identified threat to impact the asset and the impact to the organization if this were to occur is quantified.



    Once risks and vulnerabilities have been identified and quantified we
    utilize our proprietary ORSPM(s)™ methodology to provide the organization suggested measures that it could potentially utilize to potentially reduce either the probability of the threat impacting the asset or reduce the impact on the organization if an incident were to occur.

Enterprise Risk Management Cycle
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