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Vendor Assessment & Relationship Management

Many businesses have found value in outsourcing aspects of their security function to one of the numerous contract Security Officer providers or electronic security system integrators available.


Often these companies will offer "free" security consulting services in addition to providing contracted Security Officer staffing or security systems management and installations. We have found that many business are distrustful of these free consulting services due to possible conflict of interest issues and would prefer that an impartial outside observer assess the effectiveness of their contracted services.

Security Advisors Consulting Group can provide an impartial assessment of the value that you are receiving from your contract security vendors and their compliance with current contract conditions. We can assist with:

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) development

  • Vendor selection and contracting

  • Standards creation

  • Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

  • Vendor relationship management

  • Assessments of vendor compliance 

In addition to our basic level vendor assessments, the team at Security Advisors Consulting Group can provide our next tier support with our Strategic Security Sourcing Solutions.  Our Strategic Security Sourcing Solutions business line allows us to help your company identify and procure services from well vetted firms through our network of affiliatesother industry contacts, and firms that we have experience dealing with to provide a holistic solution to manage your company's security staffing, security systems integration, private investigations, or executive protection needs.

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