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A myriad of threats face todays business environment. No only can the risk of workplace violence or an active shooter threaten your employees and the risk of civil unrest may disrupt your operations, but the compromise of a company's confidential information can have a lasting negative effect on your brand. Whether this loss is comes in the form of customer data obtained from a stolen laptop or from the stolen marketing plans for a new product by a disgruntled employee to financial impact can be severe and long lasting.

The leadership team at Security Advisors Consulting Group has significant experience working with many different types of organizations. Both Drew Neckar and Bob Nordby are certified as Certified Protection Professionals through ASIS International, the largest professional organization of security professionals in the world. Both have also served in senior safety and security leadership positions in a variety of industries including healthcare, education, financial services, insurance, software design, call center operations, entertainment, hospitality, and government. They also both hold advanced degrees with Bob having a Masters in the Administration of Criminal Justice and Security and Drew holding an Masters in Business Administration. 

As a consulting firm we have worked to help clients in a variety of business sectors each of which brings its own unique security challenges that must be addressed through solutions geared to the organization's environment and business needs. We are here to assist your company and are equipped to provide services for:

  • Corporate offices

  • Financial services

  • Insurance

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Technology & software development

  • Marketing & advertising

  • Property management

  • Law firms

  • Architects

  • Real estate

  • Pharmaceutical 

  • Collection agencies

  • Call centers

  • and many others...

Some of our service offerings that are commonly requested by our clients include:

We regularly publish content related to security and workplace violence prevention for that can be useful for many different types of organizations, some of our recent publications are:

Preparing the Private Sector for responding to Civil Unrest

In this whitepaper Bob Nordby and Drew Neckar discuss ways in which businesses can prepare to be able to better respond to protect their people and assets in case of civil unrest occurring in their cities.

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Building a Safer Facility by Using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

In  this paper we discuss how our recommendations to the members of an expatriate community in a Central American country who were concerned about their safety in light of increasing levels of home invasion robberies centered around the application of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CPTED (pronounced sep’ted) principles.

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Additional publications from Security Advisors Consulting Group are available on the Resources page of our website.

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