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Nightclubs & Entertainment Venues

Nightclubs, bars, and other entertainment venues present a unique environment, the mix of large crowds, a highly charged atmosphere, and prevalent consumption of intoxicants can, if handled incorrectly, work to create significant security risks for the business. A simple internet search for "nightclub negligent security" brings up thousands of listings and advertisements from law firms who are more than happy to assist your patrons in filing suit after an incident in your establishment, and it is not are for verdicts in negligent security cases in the nightlife industry to run into the millions of dollars. 

The leadership team at Security Advisors Consulting group is experienced in providing security consulting services to bars and nightclubs. Drew Neckar, our President and Principal Consultant, has provided security for multiple establishments with a diverse cross section of clientele and served as the senior security leader for a company that operated multiple nightclubs in a large college town that served thousands of patrons nightly. We are here to assist entertainment venues with developing plans to mitigate risks related to:

  • Use of force by security personnel

  • Crowd management

  • Gangs and drug activity

  • Aggression between patrons

  • Entrance control

  • Weapons detection

  • Patron safety

  • Special events

  • and others...

Some of our service offerings that are commonly requested by our bar, nightclub, and entertainment venue clients include:

We regularly publish content related to security and workplace violence prevention for that can be useful in developing the security program for your establishment and are available on the Resources page of our website.

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