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Recent changes to the Clery Act and Title IX legislation place requirements on colleges and universities that go well beyond those faced by some other types of organizations. This added to the security concerns involved with student housing, controversial research, substance abuse, and an open environment create a complicated security environment for any institution of higher education.

The leadership team at Security Advisors Consulting Group has significant experience working with institutions of higher education, Both Drew Neckar and Bob Nordby have served in senior security leadership positions for institutions of higher education with as many as 20,000 students and more than sixty campuses throughout the United States. Bob also has experience in higher education as an instructor for several institutions and as the program chair of the law enforcement academy for a technical college district. Drew currently serves as the the Vice Chairperson for ASIS International's School Safety and Security Council, a thought leadership group producing standards and best practices for security in the higher education environment.


As a consulting firm we have worked to help colleges and universities from local technical and career colleges, large state institutions, and a Medical School ranked in the top five in the US. Each of these environments brings its own unique security challenges that must be addressed through solutions geared to the organization's environment and business needs. We are here to assist healthcare organizations and have provided services for:

  • Public vocational and technical colleges

  • Community colleges

  • Privately owned career colleges

  • Liberal arts colleges

  • Medical schools

  • Public and private universities

  • Religious colleges and seminaries

Some of our service offerings that are commonly requested by our healthcare clients include:

We regularly publish content related to security, workplace violence prevention, and Clery Act compliance for institutions of higher education, some of our recent publications are:

An Analysis of the Department of Education's Clery Action Against UC Berkeley

On September 10th, 2020 the University of California Berkeley announced that it had reached a settlement with the United States Department of Education to resolve Clery Act non-compliance issues identified by ED during audits of UC Berkeley’s Clery Act documentation. In this whitepaper we discuss how these missing compliance elements mirror other program reviews which are part of an increased emphasis on Clery Act compliance during the program review process. 

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Benchmarking Security Program Elements for Non-Residential Career Colleges

The measures used to secure small non-residential career and technical college campuses are necessarily different that those used to secure large public university systems, in this paper we seek to quantify what methods are currently in use within this sector.

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Additional higher education related publications from Security Advisors Consulting Group can be found on the Resources page of our website. 

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